About us

FOGLI is the brainchild of a graphic designer and and an engineer - two different personalities but with a shared appreciation for good design. It started from a love for good design and it became an online fine stationery, paper goods and gift shop with one specific goal in mind: that of making everyday surroundings beautiful.

Fogli, pronounced 'folyi' is the Italian word for 'sheets of paper'. It is also the root of the archaic Maltese word 'folji', having the same meaning and pronunciation. It is a name which we felt suggests appreciation of heritage and artisanal skill. FOGLI caters for those who appreciate good, quality design, heritage, culture and art.

We are still growing, and we hope you like what FOGLI aims to be, and help us grow into an experience you are happy to be part of.

We appreciate any feedback you might have and we welcome you to send it to info@fogli.co.

Tiziana and Christian